Is Barbara Buono a Corzine clone? She’s certainly marketing herself that way

June 25, 2013

Paul Mulshine | June 25, 2013 | Star-Ledger

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono likes to feign being offended when the Chris Christie campaign portrays her as being a clone of Jon Corzine.

But that’s the way she’s running her campaign.

I recently got a press release from the Buono campaign listing her campaign chairs. Along with the predictable bunch of politicians was the name of Milly Silva of the Service Employees International Union, which represents a number of public employees as well as some who are privately employed.

Someone should tell Buono she has to make up her mind which side she’s on. If she somehow gets elected, then she would be on the side of the taxpayers. That means she would be in an adversarial relationship with the same public employees who helped get her elected.

That’s a conflict of interest. You’re either management or your labor. And the governor of the state is management.

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