Christie collects support from Hispanic business owners and Joe DiVincenzo

August 20, 2013

Jenna Portnoy | August 19, 2013 | Star-Ledger

Gov. Chris Christie this morning picked up the endorsement of more than 100 individual Latino business owners, including the head of the state Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Christie was also joined by Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo, a Democrat, who reiterated his support for the Republican governor and pledged to campaign for him until election day. But he stressed that he hoped his party’s base would return to its roots as soon as the polls close.

“To my Hispanic family, come November 5 at 8:01 you gotta come back home to the Democratic family,” a laughing DiVincenzo told the crowd gathered outside Sweets & Cortaditos on Washington Avenue.

He added that Christie began courting him as soon as he won election in 2009 even though DiVincenzo had endorsed former Gov. Jon Corzine, a fellow Democrat: “I didn’t know whether it was for serious for not. I was concerned because when you usually support the other team, they try to kill you slowly.”

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