NJGOP Chairman Sam Raia Calls Out Clinton Visit to AC

July 6, 2016


Below is a statement from NJGOP Chairman Samuel S. Raia ahead of Hillary Clinton’s campaign event in Atlantic City today:

“It’s not surprising that Hillary Clinton would want to blow off a little steam in Atlantic City after spending her 4th of July holiday being interviewed by the FBI. She’s going to need more than card tricks to convince Americans that she was doing anything but gambling with our nation’s security by using a secret server as Secretary of State. Bill Clinton might attempt to stack the deck by holding private meetings with the Attorney General, but the numbers don’t lie. Clinton’s use of this secret server exposed over 2,000 emails containing classified information. She made this decision to hide her shady dealings as Secretary of State and the tangled web she wove between donors, State Department actions, and her family foundation.

Hillary Clinton has lived her entire life playing by a different set of rules. Voters shouldn’t trust her at the card table and they certainly won’t trust her to be our next President.”