NJGOP Responds to Reports of NJEA Extortion Tactics

August 3, 2016

Below is a statement from NJGOP Executive Director Pete Sheridan in response to a number of recently published reports that the NJEA will withhold campaign contributions from their Democrat allies unless they can continue to set the legislative agenda in Trenton:

“The latest ransom demands from the NJEA undeniably shows how they utilize millions of dollars from hardworking teachers to use Trenton Democrats as pawns and force their liberal agenda down the throats of New Jersey taxpayers. They are so used to calling the shots in Trenton that they have no problem arrogantly engaging in a quid pro quo with Democrats, clearly stating that their millions in campaign cash comes at a heavy price for our state’s seniors and families. The NJEA has bought blind allegiance from Trenton Democrats, enabling a lucrative pension and benefit system that taxpayers can’t afford and blocking necessary reforms to a broken school funding system that shortchanges our students and drives up property taxes across our state.”