Democrat Bosses & Career Politicians All Aboard the Corzine 2.0 Gravy Train

October 6, 2016

Next Stop: Higher Taxes & Out of Control Spending for New Jersey

Trenton, NJ – Following today’s endorsement of multi-millionaire Goldman Sachs banker Phil Murphy lining up the support of Democrat party bosses and career politicians and clearing the field through checks to party insiders, NJGOP spokesman Rick Rosenberg, Jr. said its déjà vu all over again for New Jersey taxpayers.

“North Jersey Democrat bosses and Trenton insiders have reminisced of the days of Jon Corzine funding their campaigns of higher taxes and more spending,” said Rosenberg. “The parallels between Corzine and Murphy are uncanny and Democrat insiders are lining up in droves to sell out state taxpayers in exchange for a mountain of campaign contributions from another so-called Wizard of Wall Street. While corrupt party bosses and failed tax and spend liberal politicians line up with their hands out for political contributions, middle-class families across our state brace themselves for another out of touch multi-millionaire ready to rake them over the coals to pay for his pie in the sky spending spree.”

Murphy has dusted off the Corzine playbook of transactional politics that trades campaign contributions for political allegiance to clear out the field of potential primary contenders. From 2014 to 2015, Murphy doled out nearly $800,000 to New Jersey Democrat candidates and committees. Murphy isn’t just stealing Corzine’s political strategy, he’s advocated for an amped up version of the same tax and spend policies of the Corzine era.

“Murphy and Corzine’s Wall Street values of throwing money at a problem in the hopes of making it go away failed our state, created an affordability crisis and crippled our economy,” added Rosenberg. “Families and seniors can’t afford to turn back to the days of Corzine. Murphy might be able to buy the support of money hungry politicians and party bosses, but no amount of money will convince families and seniors to elect another out of touch Wall Street executive hell-bent on using more of their hard earned money to fuel his failed legacy.”