RELEASE: Chairman Steinhardt Calls On Governor-Elect Murphy To Get To Work

December 21, 2017

While Phil Murphy looks for headlines, NJ Republicans find solutions

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Trenton, NJ – In reaction to Governor-elect Phil Murphy’s additional public comments regarding the federal Tax Reform bill, NJGOP Chairman Steinhardt made the following comment:
“While Phil Murphy is busy pointing fingers at Washington or in any other direction the political winds blow, Republican leaders in New Jersey are looking for real solutions to the State’s tax concerns.  Senator Joe Pennacchio’s plan to eliminate the $10,000 state property tax deduction cap is a solution to a problem. While Governor-Elect Murphy already looks to shift the blame away from why his policies will increase the tax burden on middle-class families, the NJGOP continues to offer solutions that strive to make our state affordable. We will work with anyone who puts the needs of taxpayers first, because political platitudes will never create a job, pay a mortgage or feed a family.”