NJGOP Chairman Calls For Scope Of Murphy Investigation To Include Goldman Tenure and Sky Blue Ownership

October 13, 2018

NJGOP Chairman Calls For Scope Of Murphy Investigation

To Include Goldman Tenure and Sky Blue Ownership

For Immediate Release
Trenton, NJ – Today reported that the alleged victim in the Murphy/Alvarez criminal sexual misconduct controversy was told by Murphy’s lawyer that Alvarez’s employment with Murphy would be “winding down”, but that four months later, he was still earning $140,000 a year at the School Development Authority. The same article also uncovered that the alleged victim had complained to the Murphy’s on three separate occasions, to no avail.

In a letter from eight, female legislators that called for Murphy to answer questions and the legislature to convene hearings, a stark analogy was drawn between “the practices of the Murphy Administration” and the “Governor’s days at Goldman Sachs, which is reportedly the subject of a federal class action lawsuit by female employees who claim a culture of sexism and misogyny at the company.”

The lawsuit in question, which began with a late 1990’s allegation of sexual assault on a female associate and details the systemic and sordid retaliation and discrimination to which she and countless other female employees were subjected, was granted class action status earlier this year, paving the way for the four, female plaintiffs to represent more than 2,300 other potential plaintiffs.

Phil Murphy’s career at Goldman spanned 23 years, from 1983 to 2006. He joined the firm’s management committee in 1999 and told the Wall Street Journal, in 1998, that “We [at Goldman Sachs] are elite in the sense the Marine Corps is elite”.

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt said, “The scope of the investigation into Murphy’s hiring practices and the working conditions he’s allowed to exist should be expanded to include his tenure at Goldman Sachs and his ownership at Sky Blue FC.”

Steinhardt continued, “Between the well documented culture at Murphy’s Goldman Sachs, the deplorable conditions at his Sky Blue FC, and the emerging revelations about life on and in his campaign and administration, it just might be that the worst place for a woman to work – is for Phil Murphy.”