NJGOP Chairman: Cloud Of Hypocritical Tolerance Follow’s Murphy Everywhere He Goes

October 16, 2018
NJGOP Chairman: Cloud Of Hypocritical Tolerance Follow’s Murphy Everywhere He Goes
For Immediate Release
Trenton, NJ –  It seems like every day there is a new revelation about a misstep in management under Governor Murphy.

Yesterday, we learned that an audit of the U.S. Embassy in Germany under then Ambassador Phil Murphy revealed that management wasn’t ‘proactive’ with more than 10 harassment claims.

A few days before that, we learned that the Murphy Administration allowed a sexual predator to stay on his campaign and state payrolls, until it was caught by the media. 
With varying levels of severity, different scandals all point to a lack of leadership from Governor Murphy, and have flowed flowed into the public eye.

The Governor’s days at Goldman Sachs, is reportedly the subject of a federal class action lawsuit by female employees who claim a culture of sexism and misogyny at the company.

The management of his women’s soccer team has come under fire, being compared to a “sweat shop” by the Star Ledger.

Governor Murphy called the illegal hire of a convicted bribe taker, “the new norm“.
And Governor Murphy, the leader of the Democratic Party in New Jersey, still hasn’t denounced Burlington County Freeholder candidate George Youngkin, even after it was revealed that he assaulted his wife and harassed another woman.
In response, NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released the following statement, “A cloud of controversy follows Phil Murphy wherever he goes. At this point, we’re not seeing a series of coincidences, we’re witnessing a failure of leadership. As a manager, Phil Murphy creates a culture of hypocritical tolerance. It’s time for the legislature to step in and assess the damage with a bi-partisan investigation.”