RACE TO WATCH: Cumberland County Freeholder

October 30, 2018

Candidate Spotlight: Arvene Kilby Hays

As Cumberland County chips away at the Democrat’s control of the County, a win this year could set the table for Republicans to take back Cumberland County next year.

Arvene Kilby Hays is running for Cumberland County Freeholder because service is in her nature. She serves as a member of many fundraising committees for charitable organizations and institutions, a past Advisory member for Cumberland Manor, and helping the Bridgeton Code Blue program.

Arvene’s education was focused on the science of nursing, inspiring her to prioritize making enriching our communities to be healthier, safer, and family oriented.

As a business owner for 22 years, Arvene Kilby Hays knows how small businesses are struggling to survive in an environment of escalating regulations and taxes. Together with her years in the medical industry, Ms. Kilby has a combined 38 years of experience navigating the complex federal, state, county, and local statutes and regulations and implementing them for compliance.