BREAKING: Phil Murphy Derailed

November 25, 2019

Phil Murphy Derailed


Following reports that the legislature will amend S4204 to account for the hundreds of thousands of independent contractors, small businesses and families in the gig economy who were being punished by the Democrats newest tax scheme, NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released the following statement:

“The NJGOP proved on November 5th that we won’t be shouted into a corner. Last week, we stood with countless moms and pops, workers and small business owners around the State and fought back against Governor Phil Murphy and S4204. On Friday, Democrat legislators announced they will claw back their latest tax grab.

“As long as the Governor’s policies recklessly endanger the livelihoods of New Jersey‘s businesses and families, the NJGOP will continue to expose his lies and offer sensible solutions that prop up New Jersey’s middle class instead of knock it down.

“The broad coalition that opposed Murphy’s attempt to kill the gig economy, and our success in derailing that initiative, are a small taste of what hard working New Jerseyans and the NJGOP are capable of, working together. We can’t let Phil Murphy break up our families or bankrupt our state. He’ll try, but he’ll fail. We can stop him, together. Together, we can do better.”

Friday the NJGOP launched a petition to stop Phil Murphy from killing the gig economy: