Murphy Administration In Full Blown Cover Up Mode

February 13, 2020

NJGOP Leading On Supporting Healthy Work Environments
Murphy Administration In Full Blown Cover Up Mode

The NJGOP and New Jersey Republicans are leading on supporting a healthy workplace environment for political campaigns and more broadly in the political arena. 

NJGOP Chairman Steinhardt has been a vocal proponent of ensuring that gag orders are barred from any New Jersey Republican political campaign that is supported by the NJGOP. This policy was adopted by Essex and Burlington County GOP Chairmen Barlas and Earlen, too.

Current Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Jack Ciattarelli, announced yesterday that he too will implement a campaign policy prohibiting discrimination, harassment, and retaliation and designated former State Senator Diane Allen as the channel to report alleged misconduct.

In March, the NJGOP will include anti-sexual harassment training at its third annual Statewide Leadership Summit at Harrah’s in  Atlantic City.

“Governor Murphy, has failed repeatedly to show leadership and take meaningful steps to expose and combat sexual abuse, harassment and the toxic work environment in his own Party,” said Chairman Steinhardt. “He has offered a shallow apology and empty promises to do better next time, in hopes that we will all just move on. We are not moving on, and it is important that the GOP lead the way and set an example that will lead to a long-term culture change in Trenton and around the State.”

Many reported sources are describing what can only be described as a cover up by Governor Murphy and his Administration. 

It has been reported that confidentiality agreements are keeping five women from disclosing details of a “hostile and toxic” Murphy for Governor campaign.

Other sources confirm they had personally spoken to both the Governor and the First Lady about the toxic work environment on his campaign and specific incident of sexual harassment. 

Just two days ago, Murphy doubled down on his insistence to maintain gag orders on his campaigns. 

The Murphy Administration has also yet to respond to NJGOP OPRA requests regarding Adam Alonso, who was recently separated from the DNC and the Murphy campaign for driving a toxic work environment.