Update: Murphy Exposed  – Private Sector Pain, Public Sector Gain

June 26, 2020
Update: Murphy Exposed  – Private Sector Pain, Public Sector Gain
Earlier this month, the NJGOP launched ”Murphy Exposed,” to expose Governor Murphy’s weak, ineffective, non-transparent, dictatorial and hypocritical management of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of Governor Murphy’s failures, 9 million New Jerseyans have endured crushing unemployment and the senseless deaths of 6,300 vulnerable nursing home patients and counting.

Today, we are updating our “Murphy Exposed” website with information that Governor Murphy has signed a new contract with the Communications Workers of America, the state’s largest public sector union, that rejects a Republican requested wage freeze and includes automatic salary raises. That’s right, salary raises!

New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Doug Steinhardt offered the following comment:
“There has never been a New Jersey Governor less friendly to the small business community than Phil Murphy. For four months, every day at 1 PM, he’s crowed at small business owners, shutting them out and limiting their ability to feed their families. Meanwhile, he coddles public sector labor unions and doles out sweetheart CWA pay deals while 1.3 million private sector workers face unemployment. The list of Phil Murphy’s Covid casualties keeps growing. The private sector’s pain is the public sector’s gain, and the only way to stop it is a Republican revolution. Vote Republican this November, then send Murphy to the unemployment line in November 2021.