Murphy’s Veterans Homes Scandal Accelerates

October 28, 2020

Murphy’s Veterans Homes Scandal Accelerates




Last night, it was announced that the US Department of Justice opened a formal investigation into Governor Murphy’s mishandling of the Covid crisis and his decision to send nearly 200 of our brave veterans to State run nursing homes to die.


According to the CDC, New Jersey has the highest death rate in America: 182 Covid deaths per 100,000 people, or 16,300 and growing. On March 31, 2020, the Murphy Administration recklessly sent Covid positive patients back into nursing homes ordering that the patients not be Covid tested as a condition of entry. The State run veterans’ homes were particularly hard hit.


As public ire and scrutiny grew over the Governor’s gross mishandling of the nursing home crisis, Murphy fired the State’s veterans’ nursing homes director, rather than admit his personal responsibility. Murphy won’t comment publicly about his personal mismanagement or his Administration’s reckless disregard for the health, safety and welfare of the patients and staff at these facilities. He even ignores repeated requests for details of his knowledge and handling of the Covid outbreaks at these State run veterans’ homes, denying records requests and relaxing OPRA rules. This blood is on Phil Murphy’s hands.


In response to the launch of this investigation, NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt issued the following statement:


“Governor Murphy directly manages these Veterans homes, where so many of our great New Jersey heroes reside and died. His mismanagement of the Covid crisis is monumental and no more acute than in these homes. As more details emerge about the Governor’s reckless disregard for these patients and staff, it’s clear that he didn’t grasp the complexities of the virus, prioritize our most vulnerable population, appreciate the magnitude of his March 31, 2020 “do not test” order or care about its deadly effect. What’s worse, he’s covering up his failures and scapegoating his subordinates. The NJGOP called for the DOJ to investigate, and they are. New Jersey’s veterans gave so much to our nation, the least Governor Murphy can do is pay them the respect of straight answers. His failure to provide timely, accurate, and transparent information to the DOJ is an insult to our vets and their families and confirms that he lacks the courage and character to lead.”