Democrat Legislators Give Up On Oversight

October 30, 2020

Democrat Legislators Give Up On Oversight




Yesterday, the New Jersey Senate Democrats shut down an attempt by Republicans to limit the lengths of the emergency declaration the Governor can declare.


On a straight party line vote, S2482 was tabled, keeping the state of emergency the Governor can declare at its current length of 30 days, and allowing the Governor to renew it at his sole discretion. A companion bill was tabled earlier this year by Assembly Democrats.


NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt issued the following statement:


“We said before that one party rule of Trenton is bad for New Jersey, and so much more is one person rule. Governor Murphy is governing by fiat, issuing executive orders that upend our State and society, while elected Democrat legislators lack the strength or courage to stop him. This timid failure to assert even a modicum of legislative oversight proves that Trenton Democrats are more interested in passing laws that enrich their cronies and themselves rather than allowing the people of New Jersey to have a voice. State Republicans are united against this abuse of power, and will fight to give our State a government that actually embraces our Constitution rather than ignores it.”