Chairman Steinhardt On Murphy Re-Election Announcement

November 13, 2020
Chairman Steinhardt On Murphy Re-Election Announcement

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released the following statement in response to Governor Murphy’s announced re-election:

“Governor Murphy’s first term resulted in the reckless deaths of more than 7,100 seniors and veterans, the early release of COVID positive, violent prisoners into our neighborhoods and communities, shuttered businesses, shattered dreams, and billions more in debt for our children to repay.

“A second term of the same, far left policies will leave New Jersey weaker and poorer and New Jerseyans paying the price of Phil Murphy’s socialist agenda. His mismanagement of the Covid Crisis cost the lives of seniors and veterans and killed jobs and businesses with cold-hearted commandments, illogical restrictions and carte blanche closures. Worse yet, he’s failed to recognize the opportunity, as our State emerges from this crisis, to fundamentally reform New Jersey government to adapt to the 21st century. The world today is different than it was pre-covid, yet Murphy is sticking with his sad, tired, tax and spend agenda as if nothing happened. His failure to put forward a modern version of State management, with a tax code that doesn’t hold the middle class back and regulation that allows small business to flourish, leaves us mired near the bottom of nearly every meaningful, national ranking.

“New Jerseyans deserve leadership. Phil Murphy is failing. The NJGOP is fighting to give New Jerseyans a government that puts people first, lets them keep more of their hard earned money, spends responsibly, and makes New Jersey a beacon of opportunity for the nation to emulate. It’s not a pipe dream. Come November 2021, let’s end the nightmare that’s Phil Murphy tenure, and make New Jersey right.”