Murphy’s Covid Failure Continues Unabated

December 22, 2020

Trenton– Two recent reports further confirmed the Murphy Administration’s continued failure to handle the Covid Crisis in New Jersey.


The Administration missed a deadline for filing paperwork, thereby delaying vaccination of our vulnerable long term care facility residents by a whole week.


Additionally, New Jersey is one of only two states withholding critical information from the public.


Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following statement:


“From the beginning, Governor Murphy’s response to Covid has been disastrous, and his administration has sought to hide critical details from the public. Whether it was sending Covid-positive patients into our nursing homes, failing to protect our veterans, or running a PR campaign instead of a public health campaign, the Governor made critical decisions that lead to further challenges for our state. Now we’re delayed another week on protecting our most vulnerable citizens, and the Governor won’t disclose critical information about who’s been paid with taxpayer funds during the crisis. The Governor’s failure on this critical issue has cost our state dearly, and will cost him his job in November.”