Murphy Prioritizes Criminals Over Veterans

December 31, 2020

Trenton– At his press conference yesterday, Governor Murphy announced that the brave residents of our state’s veterans homes in Vineland and Menlo Park would be vaccinated beginning shortly. According to reports, the Murphy Administration has already begun vaccinating inmates in at least one state prison.


Earlier this month the Murphy administration missed a paperwork deadline, resulting in a delay in vaccinating our state’s most vulnerable. Additionally, earlier this year Murphy ordered Covid-positive patients back into our nursing homes. Over 7,300 of our most vulnerable have died, and New Jersey leads the world in deaths per 100,000 residents.


NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery said:


“It is unconscionable that Governor Murphy’s administration is vaccinating the convicted criminals in our prisons before the heroes in our state’s veteran homes. From the beginning of this crisis the Governor has failed to protect the veterans homes from Covid, has refused to share details of what, if any, actions he took to minimize spread, and just recently missed a deadline to get our state’s heroes and vulnerable vaccinated promptly. The Governor has failed the people who needed protection the most, and he should pay for this failure with his job next fall.”