NJ Unemployment Rate Jumps

March 17, 2021

Trenton: The Bureau of Labor and Statistics’ March update on state-by-state Unemployment shows that New Jersey’s unemployment rate has increased again. 

The new data shows that New Jersey’s unemployment rate is 7.9%, which puts the state among the top ten worst states for unemployment.

On top of the high rate, the unemployment situation in New Jersey has been made worse by Governor Murphy’s failure to manage the Unemployment office and get needed benefits distributed promptly. 

Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following comment:

“New Jersey was hit hard by the Coronavirus, but it is clear that the Governor’s mismanagement of the virus and the restrictions he put on our people and businesses made our economy worse than it needed to be. The Governor has raised taxes, raised fees, raised regulations, and as a result, raised our unemployment rate. One third of our small businesses are gone, and Murphy’s policy choices were, in large part, to blame. As we emerge from the Covid crisis, our state needs a governor who has a new perspective, a focus on jobs for New Jerseyans, and a pro growth mindset. Phil Murphy has none of those, and must be defeated this fall.”