Murphy Heeds NJGOP’s Call by Lifting Some Restrictions; Onerous Measures Remain in Place for Countless Small Businesses

May 3, 2021

Trenton, NJ: Following the NJGOP’s call for Governor Phil Murphy to fully lift his unilateral economic restrictions, today he announced a return to 100% capacity for businesses, provided that patrons are distanced at least six feet apart from one another (which will undoubtedly still have an adverse effect on small businesses with limited capacity). 

New Jersey Republican State Committee Executive Director Tom Szymanski issued the following statement:

“It’s shameful that in order for Governor Murphy to lift many of his dictatorial economic restrictions, it took shaming and goading from both the New Jersey Republican Party and neighboring states

“However, the fact remains that Murphy’s rule requiring six feet of distance between patrons is a de facto capacity restriction which will continue to strangle countless small businesses. 

“For the one in three small business owners who were forced by Murphy to close their doors for good, and for the nearly 350,000 New Jerseyans currently out of work, the Governor’s actions today to lift his own cruel and arbitrary restrictions are far too little, too late.”