NJGOP to Murphy: The Damage is Done and Your Actions Are Too Little, Too Late

May 24, 2021

Trenton, NJ: Following a growing amount of pressure from the NJGOP, countless elected officials on both sides of the political aisle, and millions of New Jersey residents, Governor Phil Murphy announced during his afternoon press conference today that he will be lifting the remaining COVID restrictions.

New Jersey Republican State Committee Executive Director Tom Szymanski issued the following statement:

“By lifting the remainder of his self-imposed restrictions, Phil Murphy demonstrated that he could not stand up to the ever-growing amount of pressure being placed on him by countless New Jerseyans who want him to follow the actual science released by the CDC and not the political science being generated by his campaign advisors. 

“Unfortunately, lifting these restrictions is simply too little, too late for the 330,000 unemployed New Jerseyans and the 33 percent of small business owners whose livelihoods have been destroyed due to Murphy’s draconian restrictions. The damage is done and could very well prove to be irreparable. Voters will be sure to make it clear this November that the lack of care Murphy has shown to small businesses and workers will no longer be tolerated when they vote him out at the ballot box.”