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Murphy Budget:More Spending and Debt for Government, Less Growth and Opportunity for New Jersey

February 23, 2021

Trenton: Today, Governor Phil Murphy outlined his 2022 budget proposal.

Last year, the Governor forced the state to take on an unnecessary $4.5 billion in debt, only to find at the end of the year, a surplus in the budget. He raised taxes, raised fees, and increased the cost of being a New Jerseyan.

Despite our hopeful transition to a post pandemic world, the Governor’s budget proposes more of the same tax and spend liberal policies he favored before the Covid crisis. He’s proposing an increase of $4.1 Billion just this year, an increase in state spending of nearly 30% since he took office. And, he’s making sure to parcel out taxpayer money to his political cronies, showering environmental radicals and public employee unions with the people’s money.

Governor Murphy’s budget will continue the unfortunate trends that have made New Jersey the worst state to own a business in, the state with the highest out migration rates, and the state with the highest taxes.

Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following statement:

“One would think that in his first post-pandemic budget proposal, Governor Murphy would focus on the needs of the people of our state, and not the wants of his liberal agenda. Unfortunately, we’re getting more of the same cut-and-paste liberal tax and spend policy that has driven our state into more debt, placed more of a burden on our citizens, and driven one third of our small businesses to closure. Our state needs a new perspective, new ideas for a new era, and most of all, a new Governor.”

Chairman Lavery statement on the passing of State Committeeman/ Mayor Tom Kelaher

February 22, 2021

NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following statement on the passing of State Committeeman/Mayor Tom Kelaher:

“The NJGOP is absolutely devastated by the loss of our Republican State Committee Member, friend and mentor, Tom Kelaher. His record of service is exceptional. He served the shore area as Ocean County prosecutor and Mayor of Toms River, was a Marine Corps Veteran, and he helped guide Ocean County through the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. We are mourning his loss, and are keeping his family in our thoughts and prayers.”

Chairman Michael Lavery statement on the passing of Sen. Cardinale

February 20, 2021

“New Jersey has lost a truly iconic public servant and the Republican Party will sorely miss his leadership. Senator Cardinale has earned the trust of his constituents more often than any other GOP legislator in state history because he was an honest, dedicated and caring man. His legacy of conservative leadership in the state house will live on for generations to come. His family is in our thoughts and prayers.”

NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery Statement on Governor Murphy’s Soccer Team Scandal

February 14, 2021

Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following statement on the news of Governor Murphy’s soccer team being involved with an immigration scandal:

“The news of Governor Murphy’s soccer team being involved in an immigration fraud scheme is truly alarming. The Governor’s administration has been covered in scandal from day one, with the cascading sexual assault scandal, the SDA patronage scandal, the Edna Mahan scandal, sending Covid into nursing homes, and many others. New Jersey deserves better than never ending Murphy scandals, and deserves immediate answers from the Governor.”

Will Murphy side with Students and Science or his Campaign Funders?

February 5, 2021

TRENTON–  As the pandemic wears on and, hopefully, approaches its conclusion, more and more evidence has emerged on the harms of all-remote schooling. Over one third of New Jersey schools are all-remote, and nearly all are partially remote.

The CDC, along with Dr. Anthony Fauci, has said it is safe for students to return to the classroom, but the NJEA is continuing to play politics and refuse to return to the classroom, at our children’s expense. 

The NJEA is the “main funder” of the dark money group run by the Murphy team.

Murphy needs to decide what he cares about more: the science and students or his campaign funders?

Chairman Michael Lavery stated that:

“Governor Murphy needs to stop playing politics with our children’s education. The Biden Administration’s CDC and Dr. Fauci say that students can return to school safely immediately, yet the Governor is allowing nearly all of our schools to be fully or partially conducted virtually, harming the students. The Governor has received millions of dollars in dark money contributions from the teacher’s union, but millions of New Jersey parents want him to show some backbone and do what’s right for the kids. New Jersey deserves a governor who will do what’s right for the people of our state, even if his biggest donor is on the other side of the issue.”



If Only Murphy Nipped It In The Bud

February 5, 2021

Trenton: The unsettling work environment for women, including allegations of sexual assault and misogynistic language, surrounding Governor Phil Murphy’s inner circle has spread across his administration and into New Jersey’s prison system.

According to a new report at least 6 women were beaten and another sexually assaulted by 3 officers at a NJ women’s prison, but Governor Murphy is still refusing to take action and continues to stand by the prison warden.

If only Murphy had taken action when one of his closest aids assaulted a woman and instead of rewarding him

What gives?

“Leadership starts at the top, and Governor Phil Murphy has proven time and time again that he is unwilling to stand up to protect women,” said NJ GOP Executive Director Phil Valenziano. “While the toxic and dangerous work environment started with Governor Murphy’s inner circle, there is no denying the alarming trend we are witnessing, women being put in danger across his administration, is because of his refusal to take action.”

A Double Dose Of Murphy Failure

February 2, 2021

Trenton- Each new phase of this pandemic has brought a new episode of Murphy failure. The Governor ordered covid-positive patients back into nursing homes, and thousands of our most vulnerable perished. He chose winners and losers during his shut downs, and one third of our businesses are now gone. He disregarded his own executive orders. He took on billions in new debt. He allowed his cronies to cut the testing line. The list goes on.


In the last week we’ve seen even more failure, as the Governor is unable to handle the vaccine roll out, and after nearly a year, can’t get the unemployment office running effectively. 


NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery said:

“A Governor’s number one job is to run the state government effectively, and time and time again we’ve seen Phil Murphy fail at doing so. In what we all hope is the final phase of the pandemic, Murphy has been more focused on legalizing weed than making sure people get their unemployment benefits or are able to schedule a vaccine appointment. While Murphy offers generic platitudes at his press conferences, the people of our state suffer. Our state deserves a governor who puts the basics of his job above his liberal wish list, and the voters of New Jersey will deliver that message this fall.”

NJGOP Statement on Senator Tom Kean Jr’s Decision Not To Seek Reelection

February 1, 2021

Statement from NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery:



“New Jersey has no finer public servant than Tom Kean Jr, who has fought relentlessly for good government, bipartisan agreement, and policies that benefit every day New Jerseyans throughout his distinguished career. We wish him the best in whatever comes next, and thank him for his service to our state.”

NJGOP Statement on Biden Inauguration

January 20, 2021
NJGOP Statement on Biden Inauguration
 NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery released the following statement regarding President-elect Joe Biden’ inauguration:
“While we applaud President-elect Joe Biden’s call for healing and unity, it rings hollow as he slowly reveals a very liberal agenda for his Presidency. New Jersey cannot afford his vision of draconian regulations, anti-business policies, new spending and tax hikes. Now, more than ever, our state must embrace New Jersey’s tradition of off-year elections, and provide a common-sense conservative check and balance to what we are about to see in Washington. We must elect Republicans up and down this state and throw Phil Murphy out of office.”

NJGOP Statement On 2021 State Of The State

January 12, 2021

Today, Governor Murphy issued his 2021 State of the State address. The address included policies that would make our state worse off in the short and long term, and papered over the administration’s failures.


New Jersey leads the nation in Covid death rate, and outmigration. We are consistently ranked last in tax climate, and close to last in fiscal stability and GDP.


NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following statement:


“As Governor Murphy gives his 2021 State Of The State address, we look back on a year of challenges that the Governor undeniably exacerbated. The governor failed in his response to the pandemic, ordering covid-positive patients back into our long term care facilities, not protecting our veterans homes, and ignoring medical advice in favor of PR spin. He also chose his far left ideology over the basics of his job – pushing a liberal wish list over running Motor Vehicles, raising taxes instead of effectively delivering unemployment aid, and repeatedly telling people to leave New Jersey if they don’t agree with him. Our state is taxing and spending more than ever, and Murphy’s massive debt scheme will leave our children footing the bill.”


“New Jersey’s 2020 was very much a Murphy Meltdown. After we win the November election, I know that the Republican Governor giving the 2022 State Of The State address will be talking about how to bring our state into a new era of growth and prosperity, how to lower taxes and regulations on our hard working citizens and businesses, and how to truly transform our great state from one that leads the nation in outmigration for three straight years, to one that attracts the best and brightest, keeps them, and is truly a land of opportunity for our nine million residents. New Jersey Republicans have the right prescription for what ails our state, and I’m confident the voters of our state will side with us this fall.”




The 2020 Murphy Meltdown: