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NJ Unemployment Rate Jumps

March 17, 2021

Trenton: The Bureau of Labor and Statistics’ March update on state-by-state Unemployment shows that New Jersey’s unemployment rate has increased again. 

The new data shows that New Jersey’s unemployment rate is 7.9%, which puts the state among the top ten worst states for unemployment.

On top of the high rate, the unemployment situation in New Jersey has been made worse by Governor Murphy’s failure to manage the Unemployment office and get needed benefits distributed promptly. 

Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following comment:

“New Jersey was hit hard by the Coronavirus, but it is clear that the Governor’s mismanagement of the virus and the restrictions he put on our people and businesses made our economy worse than it needed to be. The Governor has raised taxes, raised fees, raised regulations, and as a result, raised our unemployment rate. One third of our small businesses are gone, and Murphy’s policy choices were, in large part, to blame. As we emerge from the Covid crisis, our state needs a governor who has a new perspective, a focus on jobs for New Jerseyans, and a pro growth mindset. Phil Murphy has none of those, and must be defeated this fall.”

NJGOP Statement On ARP Event

March 15, 2021

Trenton: First Lady Jill Biden appeared in New Jersey today to tout the Biden Administration’s disastrous “American Rescue Plan.”

The final “American Rescue Plan” totaled a whopping 1.9 trillion dollars, while only 9% of the total funds was allocated to directly combating Covid-19. The law includes funds allocated to fulfill liberal pipedreams, including $270 million for the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities, $112 million for a subway system in Silicon Valley and $1.5 million for a bridge from New York into Canada. Even the White House Press Secretary said it’s “the most progressive piece of legislation in history.”

NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following statement:

“No amount of grandstanding from Biden administration officials will make this bill an actual COVID relief bill. The Biden administration can continue to call it a COVID relief bill all they want, but New Jerseyans and Americans know that this bill allocates a majority of the funds to liberal pipedreams while less than 10% is actually being spent on crushing the virus. This bill will burden our taxpayers with additional debt and taxes that our children will be paying for. New Jersey and our country deserves better than this progressive wishlist with the word “relief” tacked on to it.”

Andy Kim Silent as Dark Money Flows to NJ-03

March 12, 2021

Trenton: Reports indicate that House Majority Forward will be launching an “ad blitz” in NJ-3 in support of Rep. Andy Kim. In 2019 House Majority Forward was launched as an affiliate of House Majority PAC, a Super PAC focused on electing Democrats to the House of Representatives.

House Majority PAC is Nancy Pelosi’s Super PAC that accepts unlimited contributions.

House Majority Forward is a dark money group and does not disclose its donors.

Rep. Andy Kim is a vocal opponent of dark money in politics, but appears to be okay with House Majority Forward, and others, funnelling dark money into the 3rd district on his behalf.

Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following statement:

“Andy Kim says he opposes dark money in politics, then turns around and accepts these dark money groups spending heavily in the Third District. Andy Kim is saying one thing, doing another, and the people of Burlington and Ocean County deserve better. Kim needs to publicly denounce the spending of this dark money group in his district, or just simply say he’s no longer opposed to dark money in politics. He can’t have it both ways.”

Sherrill Silent On Campaign Donor Cuomo’s #MeToo Scandals

March 5, 2021

Trenton: In addition to joining Governor Murphy in ordering COVID-positive patients back into nursing homes, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is an admitted sexual harasser, and leading Democrats are calling for his resignation.

Mikie Sherrill accepted a major campaign contribution from Governor Cuomo’s PAC. She has also previously accepted several large contributions from Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer, Rodgin Cohen. 

NJGOP Executive Director Phil Valenziano issued the following statement:

“Congresswoman Sherrill talks a good game about #MeToo, but has been short on action as a culture of harassment surrounds Governor Murphy. Now that Governor Cuomo has admitted to sexually inappropriate comments, and been credibly accused of harassment three times, Sherrill needs to join in the calls for his resignation, and return the campaign funds he’s sent her way. If not, NJ11 will rightly see her words as hollow, and no doubt remember them next fall.”

Malinowski Fails To Disclose Stock Trades

March 4, 2021

Trenton: A new report  shows that Congressman Tom Malinowski failed to disclose his stock trading activity to the House of Representatives.

The Bipartisan STOCK act requires Members of Congress to disclose their stock activity within 45 days. Malinowski failed to disclose dozens of stock transactions, totaling potentially as much as $2.76 Million. Failure to do so is in violation of federal law.

NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following comment:

“It is extremely concerning that, in the middle of the pandemic and accompanying market turmoil, Congressman Malinowski’s brokerage account was launching a flurry of transactions that we are only now learning about. This is especially true because the Congressman faced the voters last fall, and failed to provide them legally required information that would inform their vote. The people of NJ-7 deserve transparency and ethical representation, and this apparent violation of federal law should be fully investigated.”


NJGOP Election Improvement Committee Releases Report

March 2, 2021

Trenton: After hearing the concerns of New Jersey voters before, during, and after the 2020 Primary and General Elections, the New Jersey Republican State Committee (NJGOP) convened an Election Improvement Committee of electoral experts from across the state to discuss the issues that occurred during the 2020 election cycle and solutions to them.

 Some of the most frequently reported issues included extreme voter confusion, ballots being sent to moved or deceased people, duplicate ballots, slow and opaque ballot counting, inconsistent drop box policies, Motor Vehicle Commission driven registrations rife with error and many others. 

 The NJGOP has put forward a set of recommendations to address these and other issues with the New Jersey electoral process. 

Click here to view the full report released by the NJGOP Election Improvement Committee.

Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following comment: 

“Over the last year, the NJGOP has been a leader in ensuring that the integrity of New Jersey’s elections remains strong. I am proud of the work that this committee has accomplished, and I thank all of the members for their valuable time and expertise. These recommendations are appropriate, achievable, non-partisan, and will ensure fair and free elections in New Jersey for years to come. I look forward to working with the proper entities and officials to implement these recommendations immediately so that New Jerseyans can continue to have faith in our electoral process.”

Congressional Democrats Support Liberal Wishlist Over The Needs Of New Jerseyan

February 27, 2021

Trenton: In the middle of the night, Democrats in the House of Representatives approved a liberal wishlist spending bill masked as a COVID-19 relief bill.

Reps. Gottheimer, Sherrill, Malinowski, and Kim voted for this bill. This $1.9 trillion dollar spending bill, being dubbed as a COVID relief bill, spends less than half of the funds on COVID-related items. The majority goes to liberal pork, such as:

NJGOP Executive Director Phil Valenziano said:

“New Jersey has the highest COVID death rate in the entire world, one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, and a majority of its schools being taught virtually, yet Reps. Gottheimer, Kim, Malinowski, and Sherrill voted to fund art museums, a subway in San Jose, and a bridge to Canada, while their constituents suffer. By voting for this rushed spending bill loaded up with pork, Reps. Malinowski, Kim, Sherrill, and Gottheimer are showing New Jersey that they care more about pleasing their political patrons than helping our state. These vulnerable Democrats are out of touch with what their constituents need, and will pay the price for that at the polls next fall.”




Murphy Budget:More Spending and Debt for Government, Less Growth and Opportunity for New Jersey

February 23, 2021

Trenton: Today, Governor Phil Murphy outlined his 2022 budget proposal.

Last year, the Governor forced the state to take on an unnecessary $4.5 billion in debt, only to find at the end of the year, a surplus in the budget. He raised taxes, raised fees, and increased the cost of being a New Jerseyan.

Despite our hopeful transition to a post pandemic world, the Governor’s budget proposes more of the same tax and spend liberal policies he favored before the Covid crisis. He’s proposing an increase of $4.1 Billion just this year, an increase in state spending of nearly 30% since he took office. And, he’s making sure to parcel out taxpayer money to his political cronies, showering environmental radicals and public employee unions with the people’s money.

Governor Murphy’s budget will continue the unfortunate trends that have made New Jersey the worst state to own a business in, the state with the highest out migration rates, and the state with the highest taxes.

Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following statement:

“One would think that in his first post-pandemic budget proposal, Governor Murphy would focus on the needs of the people of our state, and not the wants of his liberal agenda. Unfortunately, we’re getting more of the same cut-and-paste liberal tax and spend policy that has driven our state into more debt, placed more of a burden on our citizens, and driven one third of our small businesses to closure. Our state needs a new perspective, new ideas for a new era, and most of all, a new Governor.”

Chairman Lavery statement on the passing of State Committeeman/ Mayor Tom Kelaher

February 22, 2021

NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following statement on the passing of State Committeeman/Mayor Tom Kelaher:

“The NJGOP is absolutely devastated by the loss of our Republican State Committee Member, friend and mentor, Tom Kelaher. His record of service is exceptional. He served the shore area as Ocean County prosecutor and Mayor of Toms River, was a Marine Corps Veteran, and he helped guide Ocean County through the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. We are mourning his loss, and are keeping his family in our thoughts and prayers.”

Chairman Michael Lavery statement on the passing of Sen. Cardinale

February 20, 2021

“New Jersey has lost a truly iconic public servant and the Republican Party will sorely miss his leadership. Senator Cardinale has earned the trust of his constituents more often than any other GOP legislator in state history because he was an honest, dedicated and caring man. His legacy of conservative leadership in the state house will live on for generations to come. His family is in our thoughts and prayers.”