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RACE TO WATCH: Cumberland County Freeholder

October 30, 2018

Candidate Spotlight: Arvene Kilby Hays

As Cumberland County chips away at the Democrat’s control of the County, a win this year could set the table for Republicans to take back Cumberland County next year.

Arvene Kilby Hays is running for Cumberland County Freeholder because service is in her nature. She serves as a member of many fundraising committees for charitable organizations and institutions, a past Advisory member for Cumberland Manor, and helping the Bridgeton Code Blue program.

Arvene’s education was focused on the science of nursing, inspiring her to prioritize making enriching our communities to be healthier, safer, and family oriented.

As a business owner for 22 years, Arvene Kilby Hays knows how small businesses are struggling to survive in an environment of escalating regulations and taxes. Together with her years in the medical industry, Ms. Kilby has a combined 38 years of experience navigating the complex federal, state, county, and local statutes and regulations and implementing them for compliance.

RACE TO WATCH: Westwood Borough Council

October 23, 2018

Candidate Spotlight: Councilwoman Alyssa Dawson

Alyssa was sworn-in on to Westood’s Borough Council on May 15th, 2018, becoming New Jersey’s youngest female in public office. She was recently listed on InsiderNJ’s LGBTQ Top 100 Power List.

She is a lifelong resident of Westwood at 25 years old, and is running for a full 3-year term this November alongside 2-term Councilman Ray Arroyo.

Alyssa spent three years working for Governor Christie and Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno before starting a new career path in January 2018 at Evergreen Public Relations in Warren, NJ.

Alyssa successfully championed the fight to institute a ban on marijuana sales and dispensaries in Westwood this past summer and is focused on utilizing her state government experience to best serve the residents of Westwood.

Alyssa commitment to ensuring that Westwood stay the small, safe, family-friendly town that she grew up in, is well complemented by Ray’s exemplary record of fiscal responsibility and focus on the well-being of Westwood’s residents, young and old.

RACE TO WATCH: Burlington County Freeholder

October 16, 2018

Candidate Spotlight: Freeholder Director Katie Gibbs

Gibbs was elected in a bi-partisan and unanimous vote of her fellow Freeholders to serve as Director of the Board for 2018, after serving as Deputy Director in 2016 and 2017.

Burlington is the only county in NJ to have two women serving in both leadership positions of Director and Deputy Director.

As Director, Kate orchestrated a 2018 county budget that lowers spending and taxes. She also helped secure $20 million in grants to support security initiatives of county schools and passed an equal pay resolution and instituted policy for all county employees take or retake sexual harassment training.

Gibbs lives in Lumberton with her Burlington County Animal Shelter rescue-dog Fitz. She currently works in Business Development for the Engineers Labor-Employer Cooperative, a collaborative trust that represents the interests of Local 825 Operating Engineers and focuses on promoting economic development and job creation in our region and the entire State of New Jersey.

Burlington County has some of the most competitive county elections in the state. Gibbs won in 2014 by just over 1,000 votes.

Donations to Kate’s campaign can be mailed to:
Election Fund Of Kate Gibbs
223 High Street
Mount Holly, New Jersey 08060

RACE TO WATCH: Town of Boonton Board of Aldermen

October 9, 2018

Candidate Spotlight: Saima “Sam” Hashmi

Sam is a Pakistani-American who moved to Morris County at the age of 10 and has called Boonton home for the past 20 years. She is married with three children, two Boonton Public School system graduates and one still enrolled. Sam and her family are heavily involved in Boonton’s Islamic Community center.

She is a working professional with managerial experience that will make her an asset in contributing to Boonton’s short and long-term economic growth. She has a MBA and over ten years of experience in Business Analysis and Project Management throughout several industries such as Retail, Law, Health and Auto. Presently, she manages Salesforce project delivery for her current employer.

As an Aldermen, Sam will fight to increase awareness between the communities that reside in Boonton, increase transparency between the Board of Aldermen and the public, reduce property taxes by analyzing the town budget, attract new business by keeping taxes low and strengthen the communication and relationship between community and the Town Board of Aldermen.

Ward 2 has been competitive over the last few elections with Democrats winning by just 14 votes in 2016.

Previous press:

Democrat Bosses & Career Politicians All Aboard the Corzine 2.0 Gravy Train

October 6, 2016

Next Stop: Higher Taxes & Out of Control Spending for New Jersey

Trenton, NJ – Following today’s endorsement of multi-millionaire Goldman Sachs banker Phil Murphy lining up the support of Democrat party bosses and career politicians and clearing the field through checks to party insiders, NJGOP spokesman Rick Rosenberg, Jr. said its déjà vu all over again for New Jersey taxpayers.

“North Jersey Democrat bosses and Trenton insiders have reminisced of the days of Jon Corzine funding their campaigns of higher taxes and more spending,” said Rosenberg. “The parallels between Corzine and Murphy are uncanny and Democrat insiders are lining up in droves to sell out state taxpayers in exchange for a mountain of campaign contributions from another so-called Wizard of Wall Street. While corrupt party bosses and failed tax and spend liberal politicians line up with their hands out for political contributions, middle-class families across our state brace themselves for another out of touch multi-millionaire ready to rake them over the coals to pay for his pie in the sky spending spree.”

Murphy has dusted off the Corzine playbook of transactional politics that trades campaign contributions for political allegiance to clear out the field of potential primary contenders. From 2014 to 2015, Murphy doled out nearly $800,000 to New Jersey Democrat candidates and committees. Murphy isn’t just stealing Corzine’s political strategy, he’s advocated for an amped up version of the same tax and spend policies of the Corzine era.

“Murphy and Corzine’s Wall Street values of throwing money at a problem in the hopes of making it go away failed our state, created an affordability crisis and crippled our economy,” added Rosenberg. “Families and seniors can’t afford to turn back to the days of Corzine. Murphy might be able to buy the support of money hungry politicians and party bosses, but no amount of money will convince families and seniors to elect another out of touch Wall Street executive hell-bent on using more of their hard earned money to fuel his failed legacy.”

NJGOP Responds to Reports of NJEA Extortion Tactics

August 3, 2016

Below is a statement from NJGOP Executive Director Pete Sheridan in response to a number of recently published reports that the NJEA will withhold campaign contributions from their Democrat allies unless they can continue to set the legislative agenda in Trenton:

“The latest ransom demands from the NJEA undeniably shows how they utilize millions of dollars from hardworking teachers to use Trenton Democrats as pawns and force their liberal agenda down the throats of New Jersey taxpayers. They are so used to calling the shots in Trenton that they have no problem arrogantly engaging in a quid pro quo with Democrats, clearly stating that their millions in campaign cash comes at a heavy price for our state’s seniors and families. The NJEA has bought blind allegiance from Trenton Democrats, enabling a lucrative pension and benefit system that taxpayers can’t afford and blocking necessary reforms to a broken school funding system that shortchanges our students and drives up property taxes across our state.”

NJGOP Chairman Sam Raia Calls Out Clinton Visit to AC

July 6, 2016


Below is a statement from NJGOP Chairman Samuel S. Raia ahead of Hillary Clinton’s campaign event in Atlantic City today:

“It’s not surprising that Hillary Clinton would want to blow off a little steam in Atlantic City after spending her 4th of July holiday being interviewed by the FBI. She’s going to need more than card tricks to convince Americans that she was doing anything but gambling with our nation’s security by using a secret server as Secretary of State. Bill Clinton might attempt to stack the deck by holding private meetings with the Attorney General, but the numbers don’t lie. Clinton’s use of this secret server exposed over 2,000 emails containing classified information. She made this decision to hide her shady dealings as Secretary of State and the tangled web she wove between donors, State Department actions, and her family foundation.

Hillary Clinton has lived her entire life playing by a different set of rules. Voters shouldn’t trust her at the card table and they certainly won’t trust her to be our next President.”

Statement from NJGOP Chairman Samuel Raia Praising Governor’s 7th Balanced Budget

July 1, 2016


Following Governor Christie’s budget signing last evening, NJGOP Chairman Samuel Raia released the following statement:

“For the seventh year in a row, Governor Christie shot down Trenton Democrat’s insatiable hunger to spend more of your money. More importantly, under strong Republican leadership, New Jersey will have the seventh consecutive balanced budget without any tax increases. The Governor’s strong fiscal record, combined with record job creation, serves as a painful reminder to Democrats that their tax and spend agenda has been kicked to the curb in favor of a government that makes smart investments in private sector job growth and puts taxpayers first.”

New Jersey’s GOP Convention Delegates Unanimously Selects Governor Chris Christie to Serve as Delegation Chairman

June 10, 2016

Delegation also selects Delegates to serve on various GOP Convention committees

Trenton, NJ – Following Donald Trump’s landslide victory in Tuesday’s primary and the election of all 51 of his delegates to lead the New Jersey delegation to the Republican National Convention, a meeting was held Wednesday via conference call to elect New Jersey’s delegation leadership. The New Jersey delegation unanimously supported Governor Chris Christie to serve as New Jersey’s delegation Chairman.

“Our delegation is unified and excited to have Governor Christie lead us at the Republican National Convention,” said Republican National Committeeman Bill Palatucci, who was selected to serve on the Committee on Rules and Order of Business. “We look forward to providing input to the Republican Party’s platform and working together with Republicans across the country to build a blueprint for victory in November.”

The delegation also unanimously supported the following committee assignments for the Republican National Convention:

Committee on Rules and Order of Business
Bill Palatucci
Christine Serrano-Glassner

Committee on Credentials
Dale J. Florio
Irene Kim Asbury

Committee on Permanent Organization
Andrew J. Christie
Christina Ramirez

Committee on Platform
Senator Joseph Pennacchio
Jill M. Space

NJGOP Announces New Senior Team Members

July 20, 2015

Below is a press release from Republican State Chairman Sam Raia and Republican National Committeeman Bill Palatucci announcing new staff at the NJGOP:

NJGOP Announces New Senior Team Members
Pete Sheridan Moves to Executive Director and Atlantic County GOP Chairman Keith Davis Named Chief Counsel

Trenton, NJ – As the New Jersey Republican State Committee moves closer to the crucial November election for State Assembly, Chairman Samuel S. Raia is excited to announce new senior members of the NJGOP team.

Pete Sheridan, who served as Deputy Executive Director for the NJGOP and formerly served Governor Christie on both of his successful gubernatorial campaigns and in his Administration, was promoted to Executive Director. Sheridan has vast experience as a political operative, including stints at the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. Additionally, Sheridan has worked on targeted campaigns in New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Amanda DePalma, who served as NJGOP’s Executive Director since 2013 and between 2011 and 2012 before serving as Governor Christie’s Deputy Campaign Manager in 2013, has accepted a position on Governor Christie’s Presidential campaign.

“Amanda DePalma has dedicated her entire career to building our state party and helping Republicans at every level of government succeed in their endeavors. Her leadership has enabled us to win and retain control of the Governor’s seat as well as grow the ranks of Republican elected officials in Congress, county government and local offices. We congratulate her on her new role and thank her for her service to our party,” said Chairman Samuel S. Raia.

Pete Sheridan has been an integral member of the NJGOP since assuming the role of Deputy Executive Director after working on Governor Christie’s successful re-election campaign.

“Pete Sheridan has worked alongside Chairman Raia every step of the way, crafting successful campaign strategies and bringing a wealth of unique ideas to the table enabling our party to grow exponentially. His years of experience, dedication, and proven track record of winning tough elections makes him uniquely equipped to lead our party through this crucial election cycle,” said National Committeeman Bill Palatucci.

The New Jersey Republican State Committee also announced that Keith Davis, long-time Atlantic County Republican Chairman, former Chairman of the New Jersey Republican Chairmen’s Association, and partner at Nehmad, Perillo & Davis, will serve as Chief Counsel to the NJGOP.

“Chairman Davis comes to the table with decades of experience in practicing law and running successful campaigns in tough terrain. Our party is extremely fortunate to have a Chief Counsel that is diversely experienced in the law and dedicated to the future of our party,” said Palatucci.

“Pete Sheridan and Chairman Davis fortify the team we have built over the last year that combines decades of experience winning campaigns with the fresh ideas we need to win in November,” added Raia.