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Chairman Sam Raia Wishes NJ a Happy Independence Day!

July 3, 2015

Republican State Chairman Sam Raia issued the following statement ahead of Independence Day:

“While families, friends and neighbors across our state enjoy fireworks, barbeques and the Jersey Shore this weekend, we must remember that this holiday marks the 239th year of independence for our nation. Independence Day is a reminder to how truly blessed we are to enjoy the rights and liberties our founding fathers fought valiantly to codify and protect. Since 1776, our country has been a beacon of hope to millions of people around the globe and a living example of how freedom provides prosperity and opportunity for all. The American Dream is still as vibrant as the day we declared our independence. I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend and encourage everyone to reflect on how much our nation has accomplished in just over two centuries.”

Chairman Sam Raia’s Statement on the Passing of John Whitman

July 3, 2015

Republican State Chairman Sam Raia issued the following statement on behalf of the New Jersey Republican State Committee regarding the passing of John Whitman:

“With heavy hearts, we wish to offer our condolences on the passing of John Whitman, devoted husband of Governor Christie Todd Whitman. John was a loving father and grandfather and successful industry leader who left an indelible mark on our state’s history. Living a life marked by milestone achievements and contributions to the greater good, John was responsible for keeping the New Jersey Devils from moving out of our state and heading up the private fundraising efforts to restore our Statehouse Dome. He will be sorely missed by family, friends, his community and our entire state. We will never forget his legacy and pray for comfort for the Whitman family as they reflect on fond memories of John.”

Chairman Sam Raia’s Statement Announcing State Party Endorsement of Chris Christie for President

June 2, 2015

Following a unanimous vote by the members of the New Jersey Republican State Committee Tuesday in support of Chris Christie’s bid for the Republican nomination for President, Republican State Chairman Sam Raia issued the following statement:

“Our State Committee and Republicans around our state have rallied behind Governor Christie’s campaign because his strong leadership here in the Garden State is exactly what we need in Washington. He took on entrenched special interests to reform our pension and benefit system, capped property taxes and delivered six balanced budgets in a row without a single tax increase, cut bureaucratic red tape and partnered with entrepreneurs to put our state back to work. All told, we have seen eleven straight months of private sector job creation thanks to Governor Christie’s leadership, providing nearly 200,000 new jobs in New Jersey. He engaged residents across our state in a blunt and honest dialogue about the challenges we faced, made tough decisions and provided tax relief for families and seniors across New Jersey. Our state party stands united behind his efforts to bring that same kind of leadership to our nation’s capital and looks forward to providing him the support he needs to successfully become our Republican nominee for President in 2016.”

A Message from Chairman Samuel Raia on Memorial Day

May 25, 2015

New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Samuel Raia issued the following message to commemorate the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our nation:

As we enjoy Memorial Day with friends, families and neighbors, its important that we reflect on the generations of brave men and women who perished to protect our nation and provide us with the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. The heroism and selfless sacrifice of our men and women in uniform has fortified the United States as the most exceptional nation in the world. Memorial Day is a time to remember that far too many paid the ultimate price to fight for our freedoms and spread peace and stability around the world.

The bright light of freedom our country brings to the world is fueled by the courage of those who answer the call to defend our way of life at any cost. Still to this day, our men and women fight every day to make our world a safer place and protect our families here at home. Lets pray for their safe return and remind our children and grandchildren the sacrifices that were made to protect their future.

Sam Raia’s Statement on U.S. Attorney’s Announcement

May 1, 2015

Below is Republican State Chairman Sam Raia’s statement on today’s announcement:

“Today’s announcement reaffirms what Governor Christie said in January, 2014. The Governor said over a year ago that he had no knowledge or involvement in this plan and after three exhaustive investigations and his words still ring true today. The facts are clear and Democrats should set aside their partisan instincts to cast judgment and get back to the job of serving the people of New Jersey.”

A Message From Chairman Samuel Raia on Easter and Passover

April 5, 2015

Trenton, NJ — New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Samuel Raia issued the following message to celebrate the Passover and Easter holiday:

“On behalf of the New Jersey Republican State Committee, I’d like to wish all New Jerseyans a wonderful Easter and Passover holiday. As many families gathered yesterday to observe Good Friday or celebrate the beginning of Passover, this weekend is an important time to reflect with loved ones on the stories of perseverance, sacrifice, and rebirth in both the Christian and Jewish faith. These stories continue to set an example and inspire us in life today. Chag Sameach to all New Jerseyans celebrating Passover, and may those celebrating the resurrection of our Lord tomorrow morning have a blessed Easter Sunday.”

NJGOP Chairman Samuel Raia’s Statement on Governor Christie’s FY2016 Budget Proposal

February 24, 2015

Trenton, NJ – New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Samuel Raia issued the below statement following Governor Chris Christie’s FY2016 Budget Address in Trenton earlier today:

“Once again, Governor Christie has demonstrated the true meaning of strong, Republican leadership. For the sixth year in a row, the Governor has kept fiscal discipline a top priority by proposing a budget that is responsible, balanced, and requires no new taxes for the hardworking people of our state. In stark contrast to the partisanship that paralyzes D.C., the Governor today took bold steps to address our challenges head on and deliver the type of bipartisan solutions that New Jerseyans need and deserve. I applaud Governor Christie’s commitment to making the tough, yet necessary choices for our state and I strongly urge Democrats in Trenton to support his ongoing efforts to keep New Jersey moving in the right direction.”

A Christmas Message from Chairman Samuel Raia

December 24, 2014

Trenton, NJ – With the Christmas holiday now upon us, New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Samuel Raia released the following message to wish all a happy and wonderful holiday:

“As New Jerseyans across the state prepare to gather with family and friends to celebrate the birth of our Lord, I’d like to wish all a joyous and blessed Christmas. I hope we may all take the time this holiday season to reflect on the many blessings bestowed upon us and give thanks for the joy we share. May we also remember to share the spirit of Christmas through peace, love, and hope with those who are less fortunate this holiday season – and particularly with those who are bravely serving our nation overseas and unable to make it home this year. On behalf of the New Jersey Republican State Committee, I wish you, your family, and loved ones safe travels and a very merry Christmas.”

Chairman Samuel Raia’s Statement Commemorating Hanukkah

December 16, 2014

Trenton, NJ – New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Samuel Raia issued the following statement commemorating Hanukkah:

“As friends and family gather tonight to light the Menorah at sundown and begin Hanukkah, I’d like to wish all New Jerseyans of the Jewish faith a joyous and blessed holiday. The Festival of Lights commemorates the perseverance of the Jewish people, but reminds us all of the power of faith and freedom. I hope all enjoy the eight-night celebration of Hanukkah and may you have a wonderful holiday season.”

A Thanksgiving Day Message from NJGOP Chairman Samuel Raia

November 27, 2014

Trenton, NJ – New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Samuel Raia released the following statement celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday:

“Rarely do we have the time in our every day lives to step back and reflect on life’s countless blessings. But each year, Thanksgiving gives us a special and important opportunity to come together and give thanks for the fortunes and freedoms we share. As Americans, we have much to be grateful for – and as we celebrate tomorrow, we must remember to give thanks to the men and women of our military who fight for our freedoms overseas, many of whom will be unable to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones at home. While we pray for those not with us tomorrow, let us also keep in mind those who are struggling and in need during this holiday season. On behalf of the New Jersey Republican State Committee, I hope New Jerseyans across the state have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Day.”