Christie’s the talk of GOP governors’ conference

November 21, 2013

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has seen Gov. Christie at his pugnacious best, so he knows what the rest of the country should expect as New Jersey’s famously blunt governor takes on a new job that will have him crossing the nation to campaign for fellow governors.

Former N.J. governors: Christie’s charismatic leadership is trump card

November 20, 2013

They are about as diverse a group of leaders as could be assembled in one room: three Democrats, two Republicans; some elected, some appointed; one ruled for eight years while one served less than four days.

Christie’s role as RGA chairman bestows power over GOP’s fate, and his own

November 20, 2013

Gov. Chris Christie arrived on the impeccably manicured grounds of the Phoenician Resort Tuesday with one stated goal for his term as chairman of the Republican Governors Association: To elect governors from his party.

Guardian elected new mayor of A.C., defeats incumbent Langford

November 7, 2013

Atlantic City has a new mayor. “With that, it’s over,” Mayor Lorenzo Langford said as he prepared to concede the race when he saw Republican challenger Don Guardian’s lead was too much to overcome with two districts still out.

Chris Christie cruises: Governor coasts to second term with big win over Barbara Buono

November 7, 2013

Gov. Chris Christie, a hard-charging federal prosecutor turned political celebrity, trounced Democrat Barbara Buono on Tuesday, easily winning re-election in a race viewed as a precursor to a bid for the White House.

Chris Christie Re-Elected Governor of New Jersey

November 7, 2013

Gov. Chris Christie was re-elected with ease Tuesday, demonstrating the kind of broad, bipartisan appeal that will serve as his opening argument should he seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

Bergen Record endorses Fernando Alonso in LD38

October 31, 2013

OVER RECENT election cycles, the 38th Legislative District has been considered “in play” by political observers. This year with Republican Governor Christie atop the ballot and vowing to make newfound gains across Bergen County, it may be one of the most competitive races in the state.

Turner: Mailer linking her to Mack sign of desperation; GOP says she can’t deny facts

October 30, 2013

Further evidence that the closer election day nears, the more intense the campaign rhetoric becomes.

Christie on campaign trail in LD38: Gordon an ‘obstructionist’

October 30, 2013

Gov. Chris Christie stopped for a moment during a Wednesday campaign stop in Bergen County to bluntly state why incumbent State Sen. Bob Gordon (D – Bergen) should be ousted from his seat.

Chris Christie makes big push for GOP candidates in key districts

October 29, 2013

Gov. Chris Christie likes to say his popularity is good for the New Jersey Republican Party. Now he’s putting his campaign cash where his mouth is.