Call for Legislative Investigation into the Murphy Administration’s Handling of Nursing Home Deaths



Governor Phil Murphy is recklessly ignoring the needs of New Jerseyans.

Stand with New Jersey Republicans to hold Murphy accountable for jeopardizing New Jersey’s most vulnerable citizens.




NJGOP Calls For Legislative Investigation Into Nursing Home Deaths

May 7, 2020

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been at least 4,151 coronavirus related deaths in New Jersey’s long-term care facilities including many at the state’s only veterans’ nursing home. That represents more than half of all COVID-19 related deaths in New Jersey to date.

It is well documented that since the start of April, Governor Murphy and the New Jersey Department of Health have been ordering nursing homes to accept admissions even if the person was confirmed with a case of COVID19.

Despite pleas and warnings from facility managers, the Murphy Administration has continued to send infectious patients to unprepared facilities.

New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Doug Steinhardt is calling for a legislative investigation into this ongoing crisis.

“Our senior population is the most vulnerable demographic to this pandemic and it appears that Governor Murphy has cost thousands their lives and jeopardized the lives of an untold number more,” said Steinhardt. “The NJGOP calls upon the Senate President and Assembly Speaker to convene swift and thorough hearings into the Administration’s handling of New Jersey’s long term care facilities, what the State knew, when, and why New Jersey’s senior population was exposed to these risks.”