2023 Voting Info

Election Integrity

What if I need to report problems at my polling place? – Call the NJGOP Election Integrity Hotline at 732-335-7300. Report your incident and our team of volunteers/attorneys will take down the details and look into it immediately.

Election Day Voting (Tuesday, November 7th)

Where do I vote on Election Day? – Find your Election Day polling place by CLICKING HERE

When are polls open on Election Day? 6AM – 8PM

If I received a vote by mail ballot, can I return it to my polling place? – No, but please scroll down for more information on the voting by mail process.

In-Person Early Voting

In-Person Early Voting concluded on Sunday evening, November 5th at 6PM. Please vote on Election Day or scroll down to our “vote by mail” section for info on how to cast your ballot from here on out. Thank you.

Vote by Mail

I received my ballot. Now what? – You have three options to return your ballot. You can mail your ballot, drop it off at one of your county’s secure drop box locations, or hand deliver it back to your Board of Elections Office.

  • Where are my county’s secure drop box locations? – CLICK HERE
  • Where is my county’s board of elections office? – CLICK HERE

When do I need to return my ballot? – Your ballot will count so long as it is postmarked by Election Day (November 7th) or hand-delivered to either your County Board of Elections or one of your County’s dropbox location by close of polls (8PM) on Election Day. CLICK HERE to find your Board of Elections and CLICK HERE to find secure dropbox locations in your County.

I didn’t receive a ballot, but I need one. How do I vote by mail? – If you have not already received a vote by mail ballot, at this point it is too late to request one and you have to vote on Election Day at your polling location.

If I received my vote by mail ballot, can I still vote in person? – If you already cast your vote by mail ballot, then no. However, if you lost your vote by mail ballot or choose not to utilize it, you can cast a provisional ballot at your polling place on Election Day, or by going to one of your County’s early, in-person voting locations. However, voting provisionally means that your vote will not be counted on Election Day- it will be set aside and WILL be counted later once it is determined that you did not previously return your vote by mail ballot.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a photo ID? – No, but when you sign in to the electronic poll book, your signature has to match the one on record with the Board of Elections.

Am I Registered?CLICK HERE to find out.

Is it too late to register to vote if I’m not registered already? – For this year’s election, yes it is too late. But you can register to vote in future elections by CLICKING HERE.

What if I have more questions? – Email [email protected]. We are happy to assist you.