Statement Of NJGOP Chairman Samuel Raia On Joe Kyrillos Primary Victory

June 5, 2012

TRENTON – Today, the New Jersey Republican Party issued the following statement from Chairman Samuel Raia in response to Joe Kyrillos’ victory in the New Jersey Republican primary:

“Tonight, Joe Kyrillos took the first step in becoming New Jersey’s next United States Senator and I offer my congratulations to him, his family, his campaign team, and all the Garden State Republicans who support his candidacy. For far too long, New Jersey has been held captive by Democrats like Senator Bob Menendez, who protect their special interest benefactors before taxpayers and who believe they are literally entitled to the public office they hold. This November, New Jersey Republicans have the opportunity to break away from that pattern and elect Joe Kyrillos – a conservative leader who will hold the line on taxes, work to cut spending, and be a voice of fiscal responsibility in Washington. In 2009, New Jersey made history by electing Governor Christie, don’t be surprised if we do it again in 2012 with Joe Kyrillos.”