The NJGOP Executive Roundtable is a collaborative platform where New Jersey business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs can discuss key challenges unique to New Jersey, explore ideas and strategies, and learn from each other’s experiences. Executive Roundtable membership is by invitation only. The Executive Roundtable is an inclusive forum for New Jersey’s senior executives meant to:

  • Provide opportunities to connect with Republican Leadership in New Jersey and across the Country.
  • Network with business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs from different industries, companies and organizations.
  • Exchange ideas and insights on policies that promote New Jersey’s economic growth and competitiveness.



Bob Hugin

Chairman, NJGOP
Former Chairman and CEO


Frank Bisignano

Co-Chairman, NJGOP Executive Roundtable
Chairman, President and CEO


Arthur Kapoor

Co-Chairman, NJGOP Executive Roundtable
President and CEO


Rich Bagger

Christie 55 Solutions
Partner and Executive Director


Keith Banks

Bank of America, Pension and Benefits
Vice Chair and Chief Investment Officer


Sam Cole

Stonecutter Ventures
Co-Founder and Managing Principal


Sam Maddali

United Pharmacy Network
Founder and Chairman


Laura Overdeck

Women for a Stronger New Jersey


Dipal Patel

Hexa Builders
Founder and CEO