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Sam Maddali

United Pharmacy Network
Founder and Chairman

Sam Maddali is a pharmacist with diverse business interests and accomplishments. He is the Chairman and founder of United Pharmacy Network, a significant player in the field of group purchasing organizations for independent pharmacies. This organization works vigorously to negotiate favorable deals with reputable vendors on behalf of its independent pharmacy members, ensuring their competitiveness in the market.

Beyond his role in the pharmaceutical industry, Sam Maddali has ventured into real estate and has cultivated a substantial real estate portfolio valued at over $250,000,000. His expertise lies in various areas of real estate development, including offices, multi-family homes, lakefront condos, retail spaces, and storage units. His real estate holdings span across six different states.

Sam Maddali’s contributions extend beyond the business realm. He has served on several boards, demonstrating his commitment to various causes. Some of the notable boards he has been a part of include the New Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing Authority, BouvĂ© Strategic Advisory Council at Northeastern University, the Foundation for Morristown Medical Center, and the Governor’s Council on Mental Health Stigma. His advocacy for independent, community pharmacies earned him the NJ Pharmacist of the Year award, presented by Senator Vin Gopal.

Sam Maddali is also deeply involved in philanthropic activities. He has been an active member of Rotary International for nearly thirty years, showcasing his dedication to community service. He serves on the board of directors for the Eye Foundation of America, a non-profit organization that strives to eliminate preventable blindness in underserved regions around the world. Additionally, he holds the role of trustee for Gift of Life, an organization that facilitates life-saving heart surgeries for children on a global scale.

Mr. Maddali’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Long Island University, which serves as the foundation for his successful career and diverse ventures. His accomplishments reflect a multi-faceted individual who has leveraged his skills, expertise, and passion to make significant contributions across industries and charitable causes.