Statement Of NJGOP Chairman Samuel Raia On Governor Christie Keynote Speech

September 19, 2012

Tampa, FL – This evening, the New Jersey Republican Party issued the following statement from Chairman Samuel Raia in response to Governor Chris Christie delivering the 2012 Republican National Convention keynote speech:

“Tonight, Governor Christie, as he has done countless times, not only gave a powerful and riveting speech but proved once again why he is one of the Republican Party’s most effective leaders and communicators. This is exactly what New Jerseyans have been witnessing from day one – his tremendous ability to clearly and successfully lay out what the Republican Party stands for and how we plan to accomplish our goals. More than that, Governor Christie is a leader, and the nation saw tonight someone who is able to inspire both Republicans and Democrats to expect better from their elected officials.

“Just like New Jersey needed real leadership three years ago, America needs real leadership right now. President Obama has failed to lead this country and we have all paid a price for these failures. We are here to change that and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the right leaders to defeat President Obama in November and start the process of rebuilding this country.”