Gov. Christie rallies Republicans in Bergen, ‘New Jersey’s biggest swing county’

March 25, 2013

By: S.P. Sullivan | March 22, 2013 | The Star-Ledger

Gov. Chris Christie rallied the Republican faithful Thursday night, calling on members of the Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) to put aside differences within the party to focus on a win in November.

Christie addressed a packed house at the BCRO headquarters, formally accepting their nomination and outlining his vision for a second term.

“My goal for the next four years will be to return more of your money to your pocket, to make the government even smaller than it is today,” Christie told the crowd. “Remember this: The only way to make government smaller is to spend less, not tax somebody else.”

The Governor was quick to note that while things are still looking good for him headed into November, he fell short of winning over voters in the state’s most populous county during his first run for election in 2009.

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