NJGOP State Chairman Sam Raia’s Statement on Governor Christie’s Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Address

February 25, 2014

New Jersey Republican Party Chairman Sam Raia released the following statement upon Governor Christie’s Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Address:

“Today, Governor Christie demonstrated his ongoing commitment to improving the state of New Jersey’s economy, as he delivered his fifth consecutive balanced budget without raising taxes on New Jersey families. This budget spends over $2.2 billion less in discretionary spending than in Fiscal Year 2008 and provides over $1.2 billion in tax relief to our overburdened property taxpayers. With his call to take on the looming entitlement crisis that’s already squeezing our budget, Governor Christie continues to prove that he stands at the forefront of fiscal responsibility.

“Governor Christie’s bipartisan leadership has delivered a budget that creates a smaller, more efficient state government, and capitalizes on investments that are essential to our state’s future. But it recognizes the hard reality that we must go further in taking on the exploding cost of public employee entitlements resulting from years of irresponsibility before he took office. The Legislature must put aside partisanship and join with the Governor to rein in these costs so we can deliver tax relief and continue lowering the cost of government for priorities that truly matter.”