A Message from Chairman Samuel Raia on Memorial Day

May 25, 2015

New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Samuel Raia issued the following message to commemorate the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our nation:

As we enjoy Memorial Day with friends, families and neighbors, its important that we reflect on the generations of brave men and women who perished to protect our nation and provide us with the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. The heroism and selfless sacrifice of our men and women in uniform has fortified the United States as the most exceptional nation in the world. Memorial Day is a time to remember that far too many paid the ultimate price to fight for our freedoms and spread peace and stability around the world.

The bright light of freedom our country brings to the world is fueled by the courage of those who answer the call to defend our way of life at any cost. Still to this day, our men and women fight every day to make our world a safer place and protect our families here at home. Lets pray for their safe return and remind our children and grandchildren the sacrifices that were made to protect their future.