NJGOP Chair Questions Legislative Democrats Motives In Motor Voter Bill

April 12, 2018

NJGOP Chair Questions Legislative Democrats Motives In Motor Voter Bill,

Congratulates Two Republican Congressional Candidates For Defeating Democrat State Committee Challenges To Their Ballot Access

Trenton, NJ – As the ‘motor-voter’ bill which automatically registers New Jersey resident to vote makes it’s way through the legislature and continues to be expanded to include more state agencies, NJGOP Chairman Steinhardt made the following statement in opposition of this legislation:

“The NJ Democrats 2018 twist on the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) comes with questionable motives,” said Chairman Steinhardt. “At best, the “motor voter” bill winding its way through Trenton is the classic example of legislators fixing a problem that doesn’t exist. At its worst, it’s all together something more sinister. We just need to look at the facts and circumstances behind the renewed push. Democrats are looking to exploit what they see as favorable registration trends and using taxpayer funded dollars and institutions to do it.”

“In New Jersey, over 90% of eligible residents are currently registered to vote. There is no barrier preventing people from easily opting in to the system. However, just last year we saw acts of voter fraud in Atlantic City. Before the legislature even considers this proposal, let’s safeguard the system we have now.

Steinhardt continued, “The NJGOP is committed to giving New Jersey voters the democracy they deserve. Just this week, we went to bat for candidates Daryl Kipnis in the12th Congressional District and Agha Kahn in the 10th Congressional District when the Democrat State Committee hired high-power lawyers to try and throw them off the ballot. I would like to congratulate Mr. Kipnis and Mr. Kahn on successfully fending off those challenges. We look forward to working with them to run strong campaigns. We believe that the best way to increase voter participation is through competitive elections and fair ballot access for good candidates.”