NJGOP Is Engaged And Ready For 2018 Following Statewide Leadership Summit 

April 16, 2018

New Jersey’s Republican Party Is Engaged And Ready For 2018 Following NJGOP Statewide Leadership Summit


Trenton, NJ – Saturday the NJGOP, under the leadership of Chairman Steinhardt hosted a Statewide Leadership Summit in Atlantic City. The event brought together more than 400 leaders and influencers in the Republican Party from around the state. The summit offered training seminars, panel discussions with topics ranging from media and messaging to women in politics and multiple guest speakers.


“Our goal was to emerge from Atlantic City with fresh perspectives, and a burning desire to win at every level, in every seat, as if our future depends on it, because it does,” said Chairman Steinhardt. “We need to let people know that the Republican party is here, it’s viable, and we’re coming. We’ll work city by city, town by town and seat by seat to take control of our state and put us back on the right track. Getting 400 leaders and influencers of the Republican party under one roof for the first time in years for today’s Summit sends exactly that message.”
Steinhardt added, “I’m also proud to announce that at our summit, The RNC hosted their largest ever Republican Leadership Initiative training session. Attendees learned from RNC operatives on Data and Digital and developed leadership skills to continue building our volunteer network.”


“Thank you everyone who attended the NJGOP Summit this past Saturday,” said Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean. “A unified and strong party needs a solid grassroots foundation. This weekend we proved that the GOP in New Jersey is in a good position to take on the challenges of 2018. I look forward to continuing to fight along side everyone who attended to create a bright future for New Jersey.”


Assembly Republican Leader Bramnick added, “Building on the success of the NJGOP Summit this weekend, the Assembly Republicans stand ready to take on Phil Murphy’s extreme policies. Joining with Republicans from every corner of the state, I look forward to working together to support all of our candidates.”


“The Leadership Summit brought a diverse group of members of our party together for a meaningful exchange of ideas,” said NJGOP Executive Director Theresa Winegar. “I am particularly proud of the platforms that this event offered to the newly formed African American Republican Coalition and the female leaders of our party featured on the Women in Politics Panel as well as our keynote speaker, Alexandra Smith.”