RELEASE: NJGOP Chairman On Primary Results

June 6, 2018
NJGOP Chairman: Tonight Republicans solidified a slate of strong and qualified candidates who put us in the best position for success in November


Trenton, NJ – Following the results of tonight’s Republican Primary Election, NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released the following statement:

“This is a proud night for the Republican Party in New Jersey. The results of this Primary Election have solidified a slate of strong and qualified candidates at the top of the ticket across the state.

“The NJGOP is excited to stand with Bob Hugin as our nominee for the U.S. Senate. He stands for everything that is great about New Jersey. He’s a self-made man who brings to the table an impressive background of military service and private sector experience. He’s an honest, hardworking embodiment of the American dream.

“Last night, Bob Menendez’s primary showing against a paper candidate who spent zero dollars and had no party support is a good indicator that even his own party is ready for a change. That coupled with last week’s FDU poll, which had this race with a marginal, 4 point gap, proves that Republicans have a golden opportunity to win this seat in November.

“New Jersey is going to be a major factor in maintaining the Republican majority in Congress. Nancy Pelosi has painted a giant target on NJ’s back and drawn her pathway back to the speakership right through the Garden State, but we are ready for the challenge.

“In CD-2,  Seth Grossman is a pro-Trump candidate in a pro-Trump district. He has a large conservative following and he is a proven winner. He won an upset primary and in 2008 he helped in successfully defeating the Corzine Turnpike Toll Hike scheme. This is a seat that has been held by a Republican for decades and just last year, right in the heart of the district, in LD-2, we had the first state legislative race in the country where a Republican candidate took out a Democrat incumbent.

“In CD-3,  Congressman MacArthur knows what’s best for his district and that’s why he was elected with a massive 20% victory margin in 2016. This was also a district that Kim Guadagno won last year. His general election opponent cheated on his taxes, is afraid to debate him in person, and was one of the guys who advised President Obama that ISIS was the “JV Team”.

“CD-4 was foolishly placed on D.C. Democrats’ target list of House seats to flip. Congressman Smith has been a staple of his community for over two decades. His constituent services are legendary and his reputation among voters and leaders in Washington is impeccable.

“In CD-5, we have one of the best pick up opportunities in the country for the GOP. This was a solid red district for a very long time, and still holds an appetite for Republican representation. John McCann is a good conservative with deep experience in public service. He has run a successful small business and serves as counsel to the NJ Sheriffs’ Association.

“In CD- 7, Congressmen Lance is a true statesman and veteran public servant. Voters know that he is a stand up elected official and I think Democrats are overreaching by trying to paint him as otherwise. This is a district where Republicans have a partisan registration advantage and one that Kim Guadagno won last year.

“In CD-11, Morris County has been reliable Republican territory for as long as anyone can remember. Jay Webber is a Reagan Republican that has been fighting for common-sense conservative values for a long time. He’s been a reliable voice in Trenton for the people of Morris, Essex and Passaic Counties and he’s the best candidate to represent New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District in Washington.

“The NJGOP is ready to support Bob Hugin, our Congressional races and county and local Republicans in every corner of the state. We are delivering new, cutting edge tools to every campaign with a focus on smart data. In the coming days we will be rolling out the most sophisticated system of support for New Jersey Republican campaigns that has ever come out of the NJGOP.”