NJGOP and Kipnis: Congresswoman Watson Coleman Owns Murphy’s Ugly Budget

June 22, 2018
NJGOP and Kipnis: Congresswoman Watson Coleman Owns Murphy’s Ugly Budget

Trenton, NJ – Following a letter U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman sent to Democrat legislators demanding they blindly obey Gov. Phil Murphy and back his plans to raise a myriad of taxes as a State shutdown looms with Murphy deadlocked in a budget battle with his own party’s legislative majority, Republican 12th District Congressional candidate Daryl Kipnis and NJGOP Executive Director Theresa Winnegar released the following statements:

“Although they evidently feel the people of New Jersey won’t notice, there is no age or demographic group who won’t feel the pain of Murphy & Watson Coleman’s unhealthy obsession with baking even more costs of runaway colossal government into their everyday expenses of living in a State that already has the highest costs of living in the country,” said Kipnis. “Party loyalty and what might happen in the next election cycle pale in comparison to the negative impacts the Murphy/Watson Coleman tax-a-thon will have on our State and its people who can’t afford it over the next generation.”

NJGOP Executive Director Theresa Winegar added, “Congresswoman Watson Coleman has taken a leadership position in the Democrats’ internal fight over which blade of straw they want to lay onto the backs of taxpayers that will finally break them. New Jersey’s 12th Congressional district deserves a representative like Daryl Kipnis that will be a force for tax relief and a force for freedom.”