NJGOP Election Day Murphy Mid-Term Countdown – Day 8

October 28, 2019

20 Reasons New Jersey Is Weaker And Poorer Under Phil Murphy
20 Reasons To Vote Republican In The 2019 Murphy Mid-Terms
8 Days Until Election Day

The NJGOP is counting down the last 20 days before Election Day in the  2019 Murphy Mid-Terms with 20 reasons New Jersey is weaker and poorer under Governor Phil Murphy and 20 reasons to vote Republican on November 5th.

Reason #8: Largest out migration of retirees, businesses and residents

Comment from NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt:

Governor Murphy’s radical, liberal policies aren’t just emptying wallets, they’re emptying nests. More jobs and people are leaving New Jersey than any other State in America. Millionaire Phil Murphy is so disconnected from New Jersey’s working and middle classes that he let slip that, “If tax rate is your issue … we’re probably not your State.” Trenton’s Democrats share Phil Murphy’s callous indifference, so if you want honest answers to the State’s real problems, elect Republicans.