NJGOP Election Day Murphy Mid-Term Countdown – Day 3

November 2, 2019

20 Reasons New Jersey Is Weaker And Poorer Under Phil Murphy
20 Reasons To Vote Republican In The 2019 Murphy Mid-Terms
3 Days Until Election Day

The NJGOP is counting down the last 20 days before Election Day in the  2019 Murphy Mid-Terms with 20 reasons New Jersey is weaker and poorer under Governor Phil Murphy and 20 reasons to vote Republican on November 5th.

Reason #3: Second Most Miserable State

Comment from NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt:

“The most miserable state in the Union is California. Governor Murphy has said he wants New Jersey to be the California of the east. So, it’s no surprise we’re number two. Under Phil Murphy, New Jersey is the second most miserable state in America. People in New Jersey are struggling with affordability. We have the highest foreclosure rate, and one in four families goes hungry. So, when our Governor says that, “If tax rate is your issue … we’re probably not your state,” it hurts. New Jerseyans need hope for a better tomorrow, but they won’t find it in our state’s Democrat Party. This year, vote for the party that still has New Jersey pride and honest answers to our state’s real problems. Vote Republican.”