NJGOP Launches Petition To Save The Gig Economy

November 22, 2019

NJGOP Launches Petition To Save The Gig Economy


Trenton, NJ – The fix is in! Governor Murphy and legislative Democrats are fast-tracking a law that will upend the lives of hundreds of thousands of New Jersey businesses and families  The law prevents independent contractors from working for businesses unless the contractor is hired as an official employee of the business.  The move will generate millions in new taxes, proving it’s just another Democratic tax grab at the expense of New Jersey’s hard working families.

The new, independent contractor law delivers a death blow to workers and employers in the gig economy.  This means that Uber drivers, truck drivers, freelance writers, home health workers, house cleaners, photographers and an endless list of other workers who provide supplemental and sometimes full income to their families will be shut out.  They’re out of business.

Small business owners will suffer, too. The well of independent contractors will dry up instantly and be replaced with the onerous cost of hiring them as official employees.

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt offered the following comment:

“Governor Phil Murphy might as well be called Fix-It-Phil, because the fix is in, again. Fix-it-Phil has made it crystal clear to New Jersey businesses and families that his political agenda trumps their well-being. No matter how strong the American economy is, Fix-it-Phil won’t let the State’s residents reap the benefits. Instead of finding creative ways to put people to work, Fix-it-Phil will shut down an entire section of the State’s economy; one that benefits hundreds of thousands of businesses and families each year.

“Fighting back against S4204 and Phil Murphy isn’t about party politics, it’s about protecting our businesses and families from a backwards approach to government that is strangling the economy and killing economic opportunity. We’re launching this petition to send Fix-It-Phil a message.  Tell him to stop passing laws that break up our families and bankrupt our businesses.  That’s not stronger and fairer, it’s weaker and poorer, and we can do better.”