Steinhardt to Congress: Let New Jersey File Lawsuit Against China

April 13, 2020
Steinhardt to Congress: Let New Jersey File Lawsuit Against China
Trenton, NJ – Chairman Steinhardt and the NJGOP have been vocally urging New Jersey’s government to be leaders in helping secure the United States from vulnerabilities created by American dependence on China for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Today, Steinhardt and the Republican State Committee are proposing further action. 
The NJGOP is calling on New Jersey’s Congressional delegation to step up and take action to lift China’s statutorily granted sovereign immunity. This would allow the State of New Jersey to formally file a lawsuit against the Communist Party of China (CPC) for damages to our businesses, healthcare workers and others.
It was widely reported that U.S. intelligence officers briefed the White House on the CPC’s deliberately deceptive and incomplete reporting of coronavirus infections. These fake numbers influenced every nation’s response to the virus and, as a result, left us all vulnerable.
“Our local economies are being devastated, our healthcare system is being pushed to its limits and people are dying,” said Chairman Steinhardt. “The Communist Party of China must be held accountable for its negligence and New Jersey should steer the solution to pressure China to help pay for this crisis. New Jersey families need their Congressional delegation to be leaders and take the steps that would allow us to formally file a lawsuit against Beijing. We are taking on trillions of dollars in debt, and I don’t want my children, or yours, to ever pay for the bad actions of the CPC.”