UPDATE: Murphy Exposed!

June 18, 2020

UPDATE: Murphy Exposed!



Trenton, NJ – Last week the NJGOP launched a campaign to expose Governor Murphy’s weak, ineffective, non-transparent, dictatorial and hypocritical management of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of Governor Murphy’s failures, 9 million New Jerseyans have endured crushing unemployment and the senseless deaths of 6,300 vulnerable nursing home patients and counting.


Since the NJGOP launched “Murphy Exposed,” there’s been plenty of over reaches and outright abuses. We’ve highlighted everything from whistleblower complaints against the Governor’s Administration to letters ordering nursing homes to accept previously COVID positive patients without testing them.


Today, we are updating our “Murphy Exposed” website with even more failures, from lawsuits against councils and school districts, to double standards in the Attorney General’s office, to Governor Murphy seemingly authorizing preferential testing and treatment for his senior staff, while restricting or denying it all together to millions of other scared and unprotected New Jerseyans.


A growing group of whistleblowers in the Murphy Administration plan to come forward and expose a state review of Murphy’s nursing home response as a white wash.

Fact Check: (“Coronavirus NJ: Secret recording, report ‘flaws’ bring nursing home review into question”)


Members of Governor Murphy’s own party are frustrated with his weak leadership and bad judgment.

(Fact Check: “Tension builds between Murphy, Dems in Congress over governor’s coronavirus responses”)


Governor Murphy seems to authorize preferential treatment for his senior staff while restricting or denying it all together to millions of other scared and unprotected New Jerseyans. 

(Fact Check: “I was fired after denying Murphy’s top aide coronavirus tests for his family, health department official claims”)


Governor Murphy is rewriting social distancing laws after he personally and publicly breaks them to avoid citation.

(Fact Check: New Jersey Attorney General directed municipal prosecutors to drop executive order violation charges against protest organizers as part of new COVID-19 enforcement guidance.)

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released the following statement on this update:

“Phil Murphy continues to spurn millions of New Jersey citizens and small business owners, imposing his will, ignoring his critics, and telling 9 million New Jerseyans that if they don’t like his orders, they can move. When a governor stops respecting the governed, it’s easy to imagine the kind of culture that festers in his office. Consequently, few would be surprised if, at the height of this pandemic, Phil Murphy had one set of rules for his staff and himself, and another set for us. He proved that in Hillside and Westfield, when he violated his own executive orders, but had his Attorney General excuse those and issue prosecution guidelines yesterday for everyone else. The hypocrisy is thick and allegations serious. Governor Murphy must find it within himself to be a real leader and own up to his failures. Accountability matters.”