NJGOP Statement on Continued Mail Election Failure

June 30, 2020
NJGOP Statement on Continued Mail Election Failure

Yesterday it was reported that a former council president of Atlantic City and known ballot harvester, Craig Calloway, signed two mail in ballots, and is being investigated for ballot tampering. This is the latest example of the failure of Governor Murphy’s ill advised, nearly all mail Primary Election scheme, and further proof that using this system in the General Election would be disastrous.

Chairman Doug Steinhardt said:

“Republicans have said from the beginning that Murphy’s all mail primary scheme was ill advised and ripe for corruption. We’ve seen outright fraud in Paterson, huge numbers of rejected ballots, errors and challenges causing mass confusion all over the State, and now, further incontrovertible proof that fraud is occuring. Don’t ask us- Democrat Brigid Harrison called for federal monitoring of the July primary, just as we did. Democrat Senators Ron Rice and Nia Gill and Assemblyman Benji Wimberly are just a few of the many more expressing concern with all mail elections. This isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue, it’s a legal issue. Election integrity runs to the heart of our constitutional republic. Governor Murphy must stop deflecting, stop dismissing and start accepting that his election rigging scheme is a bust. If he won’t disavow it and join the growing number of bi-partisan leaders sounding the alarm, he’s as complicit in the fraud as if he voted twice himself, and didn’t just make it possible for millions of others to do so.”