Update: Murphy Exposed  – Health Experts Being Ignored

July 27, 2020
Update: Murphy Exposed  – Health Experts Being Ignored

Last month, the NJGOP launched ”Murphy Exposed,” to expose Governor Murphy’s weak, ineffective, non-transparent, dictatorial and hypocritical management of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of Governor Murphy’s failures, 9 million New Jerseyans have endured crushing unemployment and the senseless deaths of nearly 7,000 vulnerable nursing home patients and counting.

Today, we are updating our “Murphy Exposed” website with information that Governor Murphy is making major decisions with little or no consultation with public health experts. This includes the blocking indoor dining, requiring face masks outdoors and plans to reopen schools in the fall.

New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Doug Steinhardt offered the following comment:

“Governor Murphy is putting politics and perception first and foremost and figuring out the scientific justification for his actions after the fact. Businesses and the private sector are an afterthought and have been left without any guidance or predictability. His mantra of ‘data determines dates’ turns out to be little more than a campaign slogan from just another Trenton politician. We can do better.”