NJGOP: Schmid Should Drop Election Bid

September 10, 2020
NJGOP: Schmid Should Drop Election Bid

According to recent reports, NJ-4 Democrat candidate for Congress, Stephanie Schmid faces possible legal action from the Federal Election Commission  over campaign finance violations.

Among the list of violations are failure to disclose a massive $100,000 loan to the campaign, ignoring notices from the Federal Election Commission and potentially illegal contributions.

NJGOP Executive Director Phil Valenziano issued the following statement:

“Whether it’s lying about her experience working for Congressman Smith, her record of defending the Deepwater Horizon polluters, or her bizarre attack on the Congressman for his diligent bipartisan work against the scourge of lyme disease, Stephanie Schmid’s campaign has been a trainwreck. With these new very serious allegations of campaign finance impropriety, Schmid needs to think long and hard about whether she continues as a candidate.”