NJGOP: Murphy Running a Corrupt Government 

September 30, 2020
NJGOP: Murphy Running a Corrupt Government 

Damning reports today shed more light on the evolving Murphy Administration scandal at the Schools Development Authority.

It’s now confirmed that the head of the SDA Patronage Pit was in “close contact” with the Governor’s Office, and “didn’t take any step without calling the governor’s office.”

It’s become clear that the Murphy Administration withheld critical information from New Jerseyans, only handing it over after it was subpoenaed by a State watchdog agency.

Chairman Doug Steinhardt issued the following comment on the matter:

“This is yet another sad chapter in the long list of Murphy Administration scandals. Whether it was secretly giving scarce covid tests to political insiders, firing key staff on a leak witch hunt, mishandling a rape scandal, hiring criminals illegally, hiring racists, or this disgusting episode of handing over taxpayer money to political insiders and lying about it, its clear New Jerseyans can’t trust Phil Murphy to act ethically. The Governor is running a dirty government, rife with corruption and insider deals. Today’s revelation confirms that. New Jersey deserves better, and the NJGOP will fight to give 9 million New Jerseyans a government that they can be proud of and one that prioritizes people not politicians.”