Murphy Fails To Protect Nursing Homes, Again

November 18, 2020
Murphy Fails To Protect Nursing Homes, Again

Throughout the covid crisis, the most jarring scenes of loss occurred in our state’s nursing and veterans homes and other long term care facilities. Recent reports indicate that outbreaks of Covid-19 in these facilities are skyrocketing yet again. 

NJ nursing home outbreaks:
Oct. 19: 156
Oct. 26: 164
Oct. 28: 166
Nov. 5: 191
Nov. 9: 200
Nov. 16: 241

Governor Murphy’s Administration manages the State run veterans homes, where over 200 of New Jersey’s bravest perished, and has consistently withheld critical information on his actions to protect those facilities. He’s now under Department of Justice investigation. 

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt issued the following statement:

“Governor Murphy ordered Covid-positive patients back into nursing homes and veterans homes around New Jersey, and over 7,200 of our most vulnerable died. It’s embarrassing but true, New Jersey has the highest death rate in the world. Now, the virus is back for round two and the Governor has failed again to stop the virus from entering our LTCF’s. His failure to recognize the unique vulnerability of these facilities and take measures to protect them reinforces what we all know; Phil Murphy isn’t up to the job of being Governor Murphy. Rather than learn from the carnage he created earlier this year in nursing homes across the State, it’s clear Murphy cares more about publicity than public health, puts insiders over average citizens, and prioritizes secrecy when we need sunlight. Governor Murphy’s handling of the covid crisis will be a dark stain on the history of our State, but thankfully, we can begin erasing when we vote Murphy out of office next November.”