NJGOP Statement On 2021 State Of The State

January 12, 2021

Today, Governor Murphy issued his 2021 State of the State address. The address included policies that would make our state worse off in the short and long term, and papered over the administration’s failures.


New Jersey leads the nation in Covid death rate, and outmigration. We are consistently ranked last in tax climate, and close to last in fiscal stability and GDP.


NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following statement:


“As Governor Murphy gives his 2021 State Of The State address, we look back on a year of challenges that the Governor undeniably exacerbated. The governor failed in his response to the pandemic, ordering covid-positive patients back into our long term care facilities, not protecting our veterans homes, and ignoring medical advice in favor of PR spin. He also chose his far left ideology over the basics of his job – pushing a liberal wish list over running Motor Vehicles, raising taxes instead of effectively delivering unemployment aid, and repeatedly telling people to leave New Jersey if they don’t agree with him. Our state is taxing and spending more than ever, and Murphy’s massive debt scheme will leave our children footing the bill.”


“New Jersey’s 2020 was very much a Murphy Meltdown. After we win the November election, I know that the Republican Governor giving the 2022 State Of The State address will be talking about how to bring our state into a new era of growth and prosperity, how to lower taxes and regulations on our hard working citizens and businesses, and how to truly transform our great state from one that leads the nation in outmigration for three straight years, to one that attracts the best and brightest, keeps them, and is truly a land of opportunity for our nine million residents. New Jersey Republicans have the right prescription for what ails our state, and I’m confident the voters of our state will side with us this fall.”




The 2020 Murphy Meltdown: