A Double Dose Of Murphy Failure

February 2, 2021

Trenton- Each new phase of this pandemic has brought a new episode of Murphy failure. The Governor ordered covid-positive patients back into nursing homes, and thousands of our most vulnerable perished. He chose winners and losers during his shut downs, and one third of our businesses are now gone. He disregarded his own executive orders. He took on billions in new debt. He allowed his cronies to cut the testing line. The list goes on.


In the last week we’ve seen even more failure, as the Governor is unable to handle the vaccine roll out, and after nearly a year, can’t get the unemployment office running effectively. 


NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery said:

“A Governor’s number one job is to run the state government effectively, and time and time again we’ve seen Phil Murphy fail at doing so. In what we all hope is the final phase of the pandemic, Murphy has been more focused on legalizing weed than making sure people get their unemployment benefits or are able to schedule a vaccine appointment. While Murphy offers generic platitudes at his press conferences, the people of our state suffer. Our state deserves a governor who puts the basics of his job above his liberal wish list, and the voters of New Jersey will deliver that message this fall.”